Medal Workshop by Michael Keropian CREATE A MEDAL - TWO DAY WORKSHOP Report

April, 2006

In April, 2006, this seminar on medallic art was conducted by AMSA member Michael Keropian at his studio in Portchester, New York.

Students at the the Medal Workshop at Art Life Studio came in with their 6 inch diameter designs for a medal. They then transfered the drawings onto a plaster dish and modeled the designs in clay. After the designs were worked in clay they proceeded to pour a plaster mold of their designs and work the lettering and detailing in the negative plasters. Once this was accomplished, a positive plaster was cast and the students had a plaster positive of their design. Plaster casting techniques and modifying/shaping steel files was demonstrated as well.

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Clay Work

Producing Plaster Casts

Seminar Participants Check Out the First Cast

Modifying Needle Files

Positives and Negatives