AMSA is always looking for more members to get involved in making this a dynamic organization. Please contact the AMSA President so see how you can contribute.

Ways you can get involved:

- Hold office. We have elections every two years for offices and Board of Directors.

- Write an article for the newsletter. Write about medals, medallic events, techniques, etc.

- Submit news and images of your work for the newsletter

- Suggest content for the website.

- Enrich the website by signing up for an individual page and show your work.

- Approach a venue/museum/gallery to host an AMSA exhibit. There is a prepared packet that you can request sent to you which will assist you in putting together a proposal.

- Make an art medal related video, post it to Youtube and submit it for the website.

-Nominate a medal for American Medal of The Year.

- Be a juror.

- Hand out AMSA brochures in your studio, place of business, school, community, etc. You can request stack of brochures to be sent to you.

- Post items or questions to the AMSA Facebook page.