Eugene Daub


Eugene Daub is one of AMSA’s pioneers. He joined the organization in 1982 and has served on the board for the last 8years as 1st and 2nd vice president and also as president from 2011-2013. He was selected to create AMSA’s first medal in 1987. Several of his more notable achievements in the category Of Sculpture and Medals are listed below.

Eugene Daub is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and has served on it’s board for the last 7 years.


I simply love form: people, plants, animals, and architecture. As I observe it all, I wish to put my own slant on it, to reinvent it, with my own change of emphasis. For me the richest vein to mine, is the zone between 3D form and drawing; relief sculpture is that zone, it achieves that symbiotic relationship that captures and arrests the image at it’s finest moment. It’s pure theater, Harness form; compose it through your special lens that allows you to See the picture you want, through composition and perspective. Then modulate that with high and low relief. The only thing missing is music.


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