Sharon Dee Shaughnessy


At 42, art was the last profession Shaughnessy would have ever imagined. The fact was, she had only taken six weeks of art in the ninth grade, switching then to science and later in life pursuing a career in photography.

And here's where, in 1992, the fairy tale began... an illness, quite serious, was thankfully fixed by surgery and it was while recovering, clay in hand, Dee would discover what she was destine to be...a natural born artist! Self-taught and truly “gifted”, she has won numerous awards for her unique work which can be found annually in fine art galleries, juried shows, museums and private collections throughout the US and abroad.

Fueled by endless energy and imagination, Dee is able to capture true “emotion”, whether it be reflected in the brave and wonderful faces of her continuing Native American series “ECHOES of a NATION” or tenderly portrayed in her sensitive and beautiful series of bas reliefs titled “ANGELS, ICONS & HOLYMEN”! An award winning avid miniaturist and medallic sculptor, Shaughnessy is extremely proud of her elected memberships both past and present in the following societies:

Honored in 2004, many of her works were included in Dr.Arthur Williams prestigious book, “The Sculpture Reference”. Considering her talent both gift and privilege, it's one she gives back every chance she gets! Dee never ceases to marvel at the wonderful world she is now a part of and to actively promote both art and artists who continue to set the standards of truly "fine art”.

Select International & National Exhibitions:


I’m what I laughingly refer to as an “accidental artist”...considering my mid-life magical journey both a gift and a blessing! Having had no formal art training, I seemly avoided the normal restrictions that it might impose, being self-taught allows one no restraints or boundaries, “no rules” so to speak!

So as a professional photographer and photojournalist for most of my adult life, my pieces usually start with a story line, the art of my “imagination” I guess would explain my process. I love to create their world and then “imagine” the characters....thus my tiny world comes to life in the palm of my hand.

My favorite part is the facial expressions and body language...after they come to life I can almost hear them speak! I’m thrilled when I first see one of my Native Americans done and look into their eyes, it’s like a meeting of minds and they tell me their story...and James Bama, my dear Mr. Jim, was and still is the major influence in my “ECHOES of a NATION” © series.

Of course as a daydreamer and someone who knows fairies really do have “tea parties” on your lawn when the moon is full and mushrooms bloom. And most certainly has had more than a few delightful conversations with the man in that moon...he’s the inspiration for my beloved “COSMO” and his magical world!

Being that person, the only restriction or structure I could ever imposed on my artist creations is that it moves my soul, makes me smile and sometimes...if I’m very blessed, I’ll have a collector...

“hear them sing”... Cheers & Good Wishes!

Sharon “Dee” Shaughnessy