By Bev Mazze

Medallic Art is bas relief sculpture small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Fine medallic sculpture, like any other work of fine art, is an expression of how the artist sees and feels about a subject.

The multisided nature of medallic sculpture provides the artist and the viewer with a unique way of exploring a subject in depth.

With sculpture in the round, surfaces continuously flow into one another. The surfaces of a work of medallic sculpture, however are connected by both the creative expression of the artist and the physical act of the viewer in turning the piece over.

Because medallic sculptures are small, easily held in the hand and explored by touch, they tend to be very personal works of art. Because they are very affordable, collectors are able to add the art works of eminent sculptors to their collections. And collecting limited-edition art medals is the only way of assembling a large body of sculpture that can be displayed in a small amount of space.