All members of AMSA were invited to participate in this competition with the purpose of creating a new medal to be issued by our organization.

North_Star_MedalForty-six designs were submitted by the following artists:
Daniel Carr, Anne-Lise Deering, Thomas Diehn, Geri Gould, Janet Indick, Dana Krinsky, Jim Licaretz, Michael Meszaros, Anna Meszaros, Enrique Moreiro, Sylvia Perle, Sharon “Dee” Shaughnessy, Jeanne Stevens-Sollman, John Svenson, Pier VanLeest, and Sharon Wandel

The designs were on display at the American Numismatic Association convention in Denver (August 2006)

One hundred and one votes were received from the American Numismatic Association as well as from AMSA members.

The winning design is “North Star” (n. 23) by John Svenson, with a total of 21 votes.

The winning medal was issued through the casting method. It was offered for sale to collectors, and to the general public, through our website, as well as at the FIDEM Congress in Colorado Springs in September, 2007.