Hynes Medal



The American Medallic Sculpture Association (AMSA) has issued a commemorative medal commemorating their participation in the ANA Convention in Boston. The large 3-inch medal appropriately features a portrait of John Hynes (1897-1970), after whom the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center was named; on the other side is a very high relief convex inscription: AMSA/ANA HYNES CONVENTION CENTER, BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS. The name of medalist D. ALTSHULER is incused below the portrait, and Jeanne Stevens-Sollman sculpted the reverse. Several problems resulted in a tiny issue of just 21 medals. Because of the extremely high relief of the reverse, the medals had to be struck in copper, which is softer than bronze, and then they were plated in bronze and given a handsome golden-bronze patina by the expert artisans of Greco Industries. Each serial numbered medal is an impressive 8mm thick at the edge, and even thicker in the center; and weighs over a troy pound. The original mintage was to be 25 pieces, however the reverse die broke after just 21 pieces had been produced, including one with a double-struck obverse.

Cost …………………$150.00

North Star Medal



Members cost including shipping in the continental USA………………$135

Non-members cost including shipping in the continental USA……….$135

Outside the USA: Include $10 for extra postage, subject to postal changes.

Actual size is 2, 14/16 inch (73 mm) diameter.

All members we invited to participate in this competition with the purpose of creating a new medal to be issued by our organization.

North Star Medal, by John Svenson, was the winning design.

Millenium Medal


Sculptor Karen Worth was appointed by AMSA to create the Millennium medal. She was inspired by the human figure, the structure of the atom and curves described by ballistic trajectories. The bronze struck edition has been produced by AMSA, as part of our Medal Program.

Members cost including shipping in the continental USA………….$105

Non-members cost including shipping in the continental USA…$125