Eugene Daub is one of AMSA’s pioneers. He joined the organization in 1982 and has served on the board for the last 8years as 1st and 2nd vice president and also as president from 2011-2013. He was selected to create AMSA’s first medal in 1987. Several of his more notable achievements in the category Of Sculpture and Medals are listed below.

  • Saltus Award 1991
  • American Numismatic Association, Gold Medal for Lifetime Acheivement 1991
  • National Sculpture Society Gold Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement 2017
  • Henry Herring Art & Architecture Award 2019
  • American Numismatic Society, Statue of Liberty Medal 1986
  • New York Numismatic Club, 9 presidents Medals
  • Jewish American Hall of Fame, 10 medals
  • FIDEM 1991 Delegate Medal
  • ‘Mankind Series’ British Museum
  • Philadelphia Freedom Medal
  • American Numismatic Society ,Donald Patrick Medal
  • Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award
  • Kavili Award, given with 1,000,000 for Achievement in Science
  • Ronald Reagan Commemorative Medal , Farewell to Office
  • Medal Collectors of America, Hepheastus medal 2018
  • Garden Club of America, Photography Award Medal
  • Mark Twain Medal , Smithsonian Museum
  • Society of Medalists #121 Fire & Ice 1991
  • Brookgreen Gardens medal 1991

Eugene Daub is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and has served on
it’s board for the last 12 years. He also has served on the Editorial Board
For the last 6 years.


I simply love form and design: People, animals ,architecture and plants .The
challenge for me is to reorder it with my own change of emphasis.

To me Relief is pure theater, I harness composition and form to find the
essence of what I want to see.