• Lindley Briggs – Sculptor/Medalist
  • Eugene Daub – Sculptor/Medalist/Past President of AMSA
  • Donald Scarinci – Collector/Medallic Historian
  • Jim Licaretz – Sculptor/Medalist/Past President of AMSA
  • Jeanne Stevens-Sollman – Sculptor/Medalist/Past President of AMSA

Judging will take place in Philadelphia at the enormous and brightly lit studio of Jim Licaretz.  Entries are due the week of August 4 – 10.  No later than August 10.  Send entries to:
Jim Licaretz
6819 Tulip Street
Philadelphia, PA 19135

The US Delegation will hold to its tradition of presenting a special FIDEM medal to each FIDEM Delegate as well as to the FIDEM Executive Board.  This is wonderful opportunity for a medalist to become recognized internationally.  From time to time a member is asked to design and fabricate this medal.  However this year we are having a competition to celebrate the Tokyo Congress.  There is a small honorarium.

Requirements in text: 
FIDEM Congress XXXVI Tokyo, 2020
US Delegation 
Size:  Not to exceed 3 inches
Material:  Any material that is durable, e.g. resin, clay, glass, bronze, pewter
Theme:  At discretion of the artist

Submit drawings or actual models to:   
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman
318 North Fillmore Rd.
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Deadline is August 1, 2019

For information about the event, please visit their website here