• Lindley Briggs – Sculptor/Medalist
  • Eugene Daub – Sculptor/Medalist/Past President of AMSA
  • Donald Scarinci – Collector/Medallic Historian
  • Jim Licaretz – Sculptor/Medalist/Past President of AMSA
  • Jeanne Stevens-Sollman – Sculptor/Medalist/Past President of AMSA

FIDEM Guidelines for entries for the XXXVI Congress, Tokyo, Japan, 2020

There is no theme suggested by the host country for this Congress, however the US delegation members may focus on current events if so desired.

  • A medal should not exceed 150 mm in any dimension (150 x 150 x 150mm). That is, no more than six inches in any dimension.
    • Please note a medal that is 150 mm in all dimensions becomes sculpture and is questionable by curators as being a medal.
    • A medal with a dimension over 100mm (4 inches) counts as TWO medals when determining national quotas.
  • Medals can be of your choice of media, e.g. bronze, clay, tin, plastic, paper.
  • All medals should have been made within the previous 5 years
  • All medals should not have been shown in an earlier FIDEM exhibition
  • Artist’s description of each medal is to be a maximum of 50 words. Do not forget to fill this section out on the form. (An official form will follow at a later date.) This description is very important.

US entrants must be a member of FIDEM. Membership dues are $85 for late filing, $65 for students.

Entry fee: $25 first medal (two sides), $15 for each additional side. Medals over 100mm, $30 Student fee: $15 first medal (two sides), $10 for each additional side. Medals over 100mm, $20

Make all checks payable to James Licaretz and indicate on the memo line what the check is being written for: That is, FIDEM dues (if not already a member), entry fees, return shipping. Shipping via USPS is most economical when using a Priority Mail Flat Rate box. Check with the Post Office to find the box that fits your shipment. The size of the box determines the cost, not the weight.

A word to the wise, inflated insurance values increases shipping costs. Please make return shipping check for the same cost of shipping to Philadelphia, PA. That is, if it costs $5 to ship to PA, make the return check for $5.

Judging will take place in Philadelphia at the enormous and brightly lit studio of Jim Licaretz.  Send medals by October 15, 2019, and not before October 10 to:
Jim Licaretz
6819 Tulip Street
Philadelphia, PA 19135

Please include a separate check for return shipping.

Your medals are due to be in Tokyo, Japan, by February, 2020.

For information about the event, please visit their website here