Glasgow, Great Britain

10-14 July 2012

By Mashiko

FIDEM_2012-2The 2012 FIDEM XXXII Congress took place at the University of Glasgow, an was organized by the Hunter Coin Cabinet of the Hunterian Museum. The Hunterian Museum – built in a Gothic style – is the oldest public museum in Scotland.

All of the Congress meetings and lectures were held in the Museum. There were 103 registered attendances. Fifteen attendants were USA members, plus two members? families. Attendance was smaller than the last Tempere Congress. Hard economic situations along with the expense of higher congress fees were an obvious discouragement for people. AMSA members James MaloneBeach, Dr. Ira Rezak, and USA Vice-Delegate Jeanne Stevens- Sollman were among the speakers at the FIDEM XXXII Glasgow Congress.

One of the big new items at the Congress was the awarding of an attendance-scholarship to 11 emerging artists. This was the first such occurrence in FIDEM history. Lindsey Fisher of Michigan was one of these recipients. One of the British scholarship recipients, Kate Ive, received the Cuhaj Emerging Artist Award. This award has been sponsored by USA member George Cuhaj since the 2004 Seixal, Portugal Congress, and has been very encouraging to young artists. FIDEM_2012-4

On the eve of the opening of the General Assembly, the USA Delegation hosted a reception for our attending members, to which all international delegates and FIDEM executive members were invited. These attendees were presented with the USA Delegation medal, which was created for this congress by artist and member, Jim Licaretz. Since 1983 the XIX Florence Congress, the USA has commissioned a Delegation Medal to as a form of celebration. For the past several congresses, the commissioned artist has been selected through an open competition among the USA members. The 2012 medal was cast in translucent resin, in which each side is visible through the other. The work was very well received. Unfortunately, there were several disappointed international vice-delegates who were in attendance but could not receive the medal.

At the closing banquet, I was told by numerous people that our reception was the best party at this congress. This was in no small part due to the beautiful reception location in the Cloisters, which was reserved for us by The Hunterian Museum. While the weather was terrible with heavy rain and cold temperatures, there was enough wine, finger food, and warm company for a 2-hour reception. The cost was ?550, which was under our budget of $1,000. I truly wish every member of the FIDEM USA delegation could have attended the reception, and, of course, the congress.

FIDEM_2012-6Truly, thank you to all the FIDEM USA members. Your understanding in contributing $9 in the 2012 USA-specific membership dues will allow us to continue to celebrate the American medal culture with the international medal community. During the party, Ferreira, FIDEM Treasurer, thanked the USA Delegation for the strength of its membership. At the closing assembly, new the Executive Committee members were elected. Cory Gillilland has stepped down as one of the FIDEM Vice Presidents of the Executive Committee ? a position she has held since 2007 – and will now serve as a member of the Consulting Committee. In 1987, Gilliland was first appointed to be FIDEM USA Vice Delegate by Dr. Alan Stahl, after which she was USA Delegate from 2000-2007. Her leadership and organization of FIDEM USA has been monumental. Thank you for all your work, Cory.

Professor Bogomil Nikolov has been searching for a host sponsor for the 2014 Bulgaria Congress. As soon as I receive a formal announcement, I will let you know.