Hello my name is Nonhof-fisher and I am an artist working in the Midwest of the USA. My artwork has been exhibited internationally in three countries and regionally in over nine US States. In 2017 I was awarded the George Cuhaj Prize for promising young artists and was published in the 500 art necklaces book by Lark Crafts. I will be on the Board of Directors for the American Medallic Sculpture Association (AMSA) till 2021. I earned my BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from Grand Valley State University in 2013.


My most recent art work combines metalwork with drawings to explore themes of mental illness, feminism, and the anxiety that comes with existential crisis. Though the work focuses on the darker range of human emotions, it also often contains a strong element of hope.

Many of the small sculptures and medals that I make are interactive. While I do use traditional casting, engraving, and fabricating, I also incorporate mixed media surprises and movable components. These interactive pieces only fulfill their purpose once they are held. Holding a medal in your hand will change the way that it is defined and it will change the way that you function. By holding the work you become an extension of it and all its movements.

The piece “Mary Golda Ross” is an example of a piece that incorporates some of these themes. This dynamic interactive medal celebrates a Native American woman named Mary Golda Ross. She was one of the first female aerospace engineers for NASA and helped develop the rockets that got the USA to the moon. I like to think that Mary Ross calculated us to the moon and back.

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