Each member is entitled to a free listing on the Members page with a link to his or her own website, PLUS, for a $25 setup fee, a full individual page.

We strongly encourage everyone to participate in order to keep our website rich in content. We want every paid-up member to be listed on the site but you must request it to make it happen.

Individual pages are not just for artists! We greatly value our collector and manufacturing members and strongly encourage them to set up an individual page to share what they do. We want to see your face, your prized collection, your facility, your classroom and your medallic related products.

Each individual page may contain a link to an external website, up to 10 labeled images plus a head shot and a single body of unlimited text including any contact information you want published.

Our aim is to keep the process as simple and painless as possible.

To submit your materials gather everything together in ONE email to heidi@wastweetstudio.com.

For Your Free Listing

  1. GATHER: Your name, city and state, one image (.jpg format) and either a website link OR email that you wish to be attached to your listing.
  2. EMAIL: heidi@wastweetstudio.com

For a Full Member Portfolio Page

  1. GATHER together:
  • NAME, city, and state as you want it to appear on the members list
  • IMAGES – Send up to 10 images as attached jpg files. The images must be in a SQUARE format, not rectangle. If your image is not square it will be cropped for you at our discretion. The only limitation on images is that they must be medallic related. Please title your files firstname_lastname-1.jpg, firstname_lastname-2.jpg etc.
  • IMAGE LIST – Make a list of attached images using the file names and any label information you want displayed next to each image (For example, labels can contain title, size, material, method, date created, price ) If you do not include an image list they will simply be displayed without labels.
  • HEAD SHOT – Don’t be shy. We want to see your face! We are a small organization spread across a vast world so part of building a relationships is seeing who we are.
  • BODY OF TEXT – Send a single block of text either as an attached Word file or in the body of your email. There is no character limit. Be as brief or long winded as you like. Tell us about you, your medals, artist statement, exhibits, CV, resume, etc. Don’t forget your contact information. Be creative but use common sense; this is a website about medallic art so keep it relevant.
  • LINK – One URL address to an external website or Facebook page etc. If you have more than one link list the others in your body of text.

2. SUBMIT all in ONE Email to heidi@wastweetstudio.com . Once your submission is received it will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation email.

3. PAY- Send your set-up fee of $25 via check or Paypal. There is no annual fee and you may update your link/contact info once a year for free. You can change out your images and/or text for an additional $25 at any time. Mail checks to AMSA, P.O. Box 1201, Edmonds WA 98020 OR pay via PayPal through our membership page.

Click here to pay.

4. THANK YOU for participating and supporting the AMSA website!!

Termination – You may request removal of your page at any time. If your membership lapses or is canceled your page and listing will be deleted.

We will make reasonable effort to contact you before doing so. If your page has been deleted you will need to pay the $25 setup fee in order to recreate it.