I became an artist very young growing up in a small town, not restricted from the
local discard dump. My mom and sister and I spent hours sifting through
ordinary things and drug them home to be changed into wonderful works! My
father gave me the “run” of his tools. Creativity was a valued part of all my early
life. We colored underwater sea scenes with crayons on fabric for curtains and
ironed the color in. We transformed our old jeep with brilliant designs, paint,
bones and fabric.

The Grandfather I grew up around was a “Rube Goldberg”, who with a little wire
and tape and tap could fix anything. The Grandfather, whom I never knew,
carved tiny sailing boats magically in bottles and beautiful wooden sailboats in
full sail with all the turnbuckles, halyards, and details. He even carved people at
the helm. His work was admired with a specialness that I wanted to experience
for myself. So throughout my life, I have collected, treasured, and created. I
have carried clay and wax, metal and wood through marriages and moves.
When I am not creating with my hands, I create with my mind.

Yes, I have college art degrees; I have taken many courses to continue my art
education; I am represented in various collections and galleries; I have been in
many exhibitions and won some awards………but what is most important to me
is to create from the heart and leave a little bit of that energy in each piece.